Cattle Handling

Range of Semi-Automatic Crush Gates, End Gates, Penning Sections and Posts






GSP Heavy Duty Semi-Auto Gate.   GSP Standard Semi-Auto Gate. 

Stock Gate                                      Dairy Gate


Full Cattle Crush                                                  End Gate & Section


Hoof Lifter

Flexi Penning & Gates

Flexi Gate


  • Our Post and Rail System allows you to install a penning system, wherever it is required, for example on a green field or on an existing concrete yard.  It can also be used to divide yards.
  • Posts with baseplates can be bolted onto the concrete yard.
  • Longer posts can be concreted into the ground.
  • No welding involved.
  • Easy to install.
  • The posts are designed to attach clamps to hold the tube rail in place and it also allows you to adjust the distance between each rail.
  • Can use between 4 and 8 tubes.
  • Can use 48mm, 60mm and 76mm tubing or a mix of all three, at whatever intervals you require.
  • Flexible adjustment for calves, sheep etc.
  • Our flexi posts will also allow you to use a number of options to hang gates (we have a full range of brackets to do this).

Head Scoop (K.O. Doser)

  • It's operated by a winch that gives the operator the power of four to one to raise an animal's head
  • The clutch system in the winch controls the lifting up and letting down of the animal's head
  • Winch with clutch allows quick release
  • It is a safe and user friendly system
  • Telescopic arm for adjustment
  • Tried and tested on the market since 2011
  • Designed to aid farmers in handling cattle
  • No more catching animals to dose or tag in a crush
  • Comes in Left and Right models to suit crush
  • Relieves stress on animals and operator
  • Suitable for most types of crushes
  • Irish Patent Granted (IE86295B1)
  • UK Patent Granted (GB2491474)

Calf Dehorner



  • Front Opening
  • The width of the side panel can be adjusted with a simple linch pin
  • The neck height can be adjusted
  • The side panel is pre-punched for a wheel bracket
  • Wheels are an optional extra for easy movement


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